Don’t take my word for it, just ask these folks! Below you’ll find quotes from clients and students who seem to love my direction, coaching and teaching style. Click on their names – they’re real!

“Adam Wagner’s Master Class really energized my students. They loved singing his beautiful songs and were so grateful to have feedback directly from the composer! He is a natural teacher/director and knows exactly what to say to each actor to inspire them to give honest, connected performances. He writes precisely what they’re looking for – contemporary pop theatre songs that challenge them as actors and have great singable melodies. The kids loved him – we’ll definitely have him back.”

Ashton Byrum
Assistant Professor and Musical Theatre Coordinator
Columbia College-Chicago

“Adam coached me on my Wicked audition material. I think his help is what set me apart in the audition room. He helped me connect to the words more so that the song wasn’t just about the music. He is great at getting his ideas across in a manner that is clear and understandable.”

Carla Stickler
Elphaba Understudy for Broadway production of Wicked

“Working with Adam was truly an amazing experience to be able to perform beautiful songs, learn the background of how these songs came to be, and present them to the composer himself. Everyone had some sort of revelation or breakthrough in the workshop. We saw every singer grow every time they sang their piece, because of Adam’s exercises and his approach towards vulnerability and truth.”

Mallory Maedke
Columbia College-Chicago Musical Theatre student

“I sat in on Adam’s class this last summer and I watched him take a kid and a song and make it come to life. The kid had no clue what he was singing about except for what the movie had shown the character singing about. After twenty minutes this kid was singing with more passion for this song than the actor in the movie. Adam helped the kid realize why he should sing this song, and how to relate to and become the character. It was quite fascinating to watch the kid take it and make it his own, as well as something to be proud of. I have never seen a director help an actor understand so much in such a short amount of time.”

Cody W. Doll
Former Technical Director for Grandstreet Theatre

“For the past three summers I have had the pleasure of working as an accompanist for Adam Wagner as he taught classes in musical theater for teens.  I was impressed not only with his obvious knowlege and experience, but also his ability to relate to young actors with a wide range of abilities.  Adam did not just teach them how to perform a song; rather he helped them to interpret their pieces in the light of their own life experiences.  They were able to bring great depth to their performances.  Adam is a gifted teacher and performer, and would be an asset to any program.”  

Dodie Walsh
Accompanist, Piano Teacher, Helena, Montana

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